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1st September [Reblog]

Costume DesignThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Jean Paul Gaultier

1st September [Reblog]


my mom got that manga photo app and took the best picture ever

1st September [Reblog]


Star Wars Propaganda

Created by James Cassidy

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A Boba sketch.

My favorite part of the AotC novelization was how it fleshed out Jango and Boba’s relationship.

1st September [Reblog]
PvE is easy O.o at least for me it is

Yes. It is easy, but people are incompetent.

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1st September [Reblog]

I can’t even learn PvE on this server.

1st September [Reblog]


Commission for WildElementz of her Sith, Lord Xhai’tan, breaking out of prison.


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You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.
That doesn’t sound too hard.

1st September [Reblog]


A bit of Sha appreciation. Because she deserves some appreciation <3

(also I am a dumbass… I accidentally inked this on my sketch layer… so yay… sketchlines still in there…)